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How to Removing Genital Warts - Effective treatment for genital warts and Best way to get rid of genital warts

How to Removing Genital Warts - Effective treatment for genital warts and Best way to get rid of genital warts

Genital warts are a very serious disease, and is one that is sexually transmitted between partners. It is caused by human papilloma virus HPV.

This disease spreads directly between two partners in the sexual heat and through contact while you have oral sex, genital and / or anal. This happens when one partner is infected with the disease. There are a number of different types of HPV virus and most of them are harmless, but some can lead to cervical cancer, especially in women.

They are also known to cause anal cancer, which can be terminal and very dangerous to the lives of those affected. Almost 45% teenagers between the ages of 14-19 experience the problems of genital herpes and HPV. This is because this is the exploration phase, while all that is fun, teens choose to neglect the use of protection or to be careful, and end up paying the price.

Genital warts are usually very small, and will either occur singly or in groups a lot. They usually occur toward the end of the p nis in men, and the outer wall of the vagina in women. And they may also occur around the anus in men and women. The down side to this is unfortunate that there is no permanent cure for HPV, because as it penetrates the skin cells and invade other, there is no way to permanently remove it.

He will always be with you and occasionally flare up. However, there are some ways to help treat the visible appearance of genital warts and genital herpes. It can help lower the physically possible visible warts and pain associated with it. But the most important thing is for people to be very careful with the various sexual activities engaged in, because no matter how much they are fun, they are not worth a life of unhappiness.

Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen

This procedure is recommended for women who are pregnant. This is because liquid nitrogen cryosurgery is mainly an efficient process with a high success rate. It removes about 80% of genital warts. The recurrence rate is only about 38%, and also within 6 months after surgery. It is a local procedure, which is very quick and easy on the patient.

He is also quite affordable for almost anyone who chooses to go through with it. The physician uses small quantities of liquid nitrogen onto the wart to dry them out. By repeating this procedure several times will cause the warts to dry and a little beat that will fall. Following the doctor who applies some more liquid nitrogen to kill any remaining bacteria. It is a very effective treatment.


This is a process that is performed under local anesthesia. This anesthesia is used to burn the warts. Anesthesia is also used to terminate all remaining infectious bacteria on the skin that can cause the disease to flare up. But you should consult your doctor carefully before undergoing this procedure as it can be irritating to the skin if your skin is allergic to some chemicals.

Laser Surgery Treatment

This should not be anyone's first choice to get rid of warts. This is because laser surgery is a very delicate process and very expensive. The laser surgery treatment for the removal of genital warts is suitable for very severe cases and / or recurrent warts.

It is on the same line as a last resort, because the laser surgery is required to work. How is that laser focuses on the kill all the bacteria and viruses as well as infected cells. As such, it ends up removing warts and all this fall. Following that ensures that all infected cells are also killed and that the virus does not infect other cells.

In most cases, for a laser surgery treatment, the local anesthetic is applied to the areas affected patients. The disadvantages of laser treatments is that it is an expensive procedure, the patient may react to local anesthesia, healing is much more than usual, and that the patient can not go into all sexual activities that involve the affected part, because this will not help with the healing process. Indeed, it may make things worse. But if proper precautions are taken laser treatment can safely a very long-term cure for genital warts.


This technique is a little scary for some people because it uses an electrical current to physically destroy all the warts. It is a process that can be accomplished with local anesthesia and lasts only a short time. It is quite effective and useful for people looking for a quick treatment and a solution to the problem.

Vitamin E Oil Treatment

Vitamin E oil is very effective to help remove warts. It is a slower process than those mentioned above, however, is a very simple and effective method that is very friendly to the skin as well. The oil will help kill any bacteria and viruses in and within a time warts week will start to fall naturally. You will not feel any pain or discomfort.

Genital Warts Cream

Today there are many different types of creams which can be used to remove genital warts. They are all non-prescription medicines and are available over the counter at any local drug store. The instructions are written in creams and so you just have to follow the instructions and complete the entire course. There are also gels which are specifically made to remove genital warts. These creams are very effective if you are not in favor of surgery or visit the doctor.


how to get rid of genital warts can be a very serious problem and can even cause cancer. As such, you need to be very careful in sexual activities that practice and who are getting involved. There is no cure for HPV, but you can remove genital warts. But trying to treat them as soon as possible, so that your health is not at increased risk.