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How to get rid of warts at home fast?

How to get rid of warts at home fast

Treatment of people

Help get rid of warts apple cider vinegar, which insists on the garlic. To do this, take 3 or 4 cloves garlic, peeled, finely chop them, put them in a jar and fill them ½ cup of apple cider vinegar. Bank will close the cap tightly and leave for 14 or 15 days.

This infusion to absorb the wart and compresses use daily for at least 2 times a day until they are completely gone. This procedure is done carefully to the skin around the wart is not damaged.

- Si Garlic is a good remedy for warts, clean clove of garlic and cut in half and the halves of those we rub the warts at night, this procedure is done once or twice throughout the day.

- Must have warts, you can use folk remedies using aloe leaves. To do this, add a cup of warm water 1 teaspoon of baking soda incomplete, stir well and moistened in the infusion of a piece of wool, applied to the wart for 10 minutes. So srezh one aloe leaf, well, washing, can cut into small slices, cut the slice along a gift for warts, and top bandage fix.

Do the procedure in the evening before the morning not remove the bandage. Such "packs" to every evening for 7 or 10 days then the warts fall.

The treatment of warts delphinium medicinal herbs

dried plant powder and so completely and carefully dust we rub the wart, which appeared in the body. The procedure is repeated every day until the wart disappears. And she lost and others.

Magic remedy for warts

Find the bone down and remember the floor, the place, and how it was. And raise it 3 times OKIN around the wart in a circular motion clockwise. Contact with the skin is required.

Then put the bone back in place, and as she was lying. It is believed that after this ritual wart should disappear.

get rid of warts using a conventional potato

Take crude and raw potato and rub it on the grater. To combat warts need potatoes topsheet and the use of the remaining potato baking. The resulting mass to impose a material which can retain moisture - This polyethylene film kompressnuyu paper and so on.

This material along with the grated potatoes applied to warts and something to fix it. For warts disappeared, the procedure is done daily for 3 or 4 weeks.

Print warts using ointment onion

To do this, take a tablespoon of fresh onion juice tea, mixed with ½ a honey teaspoon, then this ointment smazhem warts, and fix anything up. In warts impose onion mush, fix anything. For the skin around the wart burned before applying onion skin smazhem with Vaseline.

Getting rid of warts garlic "ointment"

Let's clear up some garlic cloves, peeled and finely chop them, then mashed into mush. Take 1 teaspoon garlic pulp tea, 1 teaspoon of melted lard tea, vinegar 4 teaspoons and mix well. The resulting ointment impose warts correct (plaster, bandage) and leave it overnight.

To do so, unless the warts disappear.

Print warts may be as follows:

You need to bring a silk thread and tighten all warts at the root. It is better that you helped someone. On a wire to the node, pull the skin wart, put made a package and press firmly.

After this step, the warts will stop the flow of blood, they will begin to dry up and disappear after a while.

Now we know how to get rid of warts at home with these simple tips. Before you can use at home then, or other means of warts, you should first consult a dermatologist.

How to get rid of warts at home fast?

Warts are skin diseases. They look like education, small and a bit like a tumor. Most often, the warts are non-inflammatory in nature and are benign.

Their sizes can range from a few millimeters, but sometimes there are some great examples. Almost everyone is trying to get rid of them in different ways due to its unpleasant appearance.

The cause of these growths on the skin is considered certain types of viruses. They are called human papilloma virus. His transfer is performed by direct contact with a sick person, and with the help of some commonly used items.

The incubation period of the disease may be a few months, all this time, the virus multiplies in the active layers of the epidermis. The skin is deformed and its layers grow.

In this case, a carrier of the virus may have no visible warts characteristics, so it is not always possible to determine. Warts can form in microtrauma places to swim in the pool or any body of water. However, their growth can be very rapid, leading to the teaching spread throughout the body.

Besides ugly, warts also cause decreased immunity and lead to constant stress. Therefore, when detected in the body of this education should be referred to a physician for timely advice. A good specialist will help determine the causes of warts as well as provide appropriate treatment for you.

Your doctor can discuss and ways to get rid of warts at home. Traditional medicine and do not offer a lot of ways to deal with warts and not only in the hands, they often appear, but also throughout the body. Let's see how to get rid of warts at home - popular recipes:

- A common way of dealing with education is considered celandine.

This plant can get rid of them fast enough. You just need to simply lubricate warts fresh celandine juice. The more effective the juice derived from the plant base.

Similarly, you can use dandelion juice, but it is believed that it is less effective.

- You can also try rubbing garlic wart cut or porridge. Repeat daily until to completely get rid of them.

- Every day, twice daily, taking into dry powdered magnesia. The dose should be minimal - at the tip of a knife. Repeat for a month.

- Get rid of warts on the body can use dry ice. Take a small piece of ice and apply it to the wart on as long as possible.

After several repetitions, you can achieve the disappearance of the build-up.

- Every day, before going to bed, dripping a drop of acetic acid to each wart. Be careful - the liquid should not touch the surrounding skin. Every time application of one drop sufficiently.

For convenience, use a pipette. Little education disappear.

- Take mountain of fresh fruit ash and delete them to a state of pulp. The resulting mass is applied regularly on the warts. It can also be used for treating fruit and juices.

- For the treatment of skin formation can apply the pulp and juice milkweed. They need to lubricate the wart several times a day. Since the end of the build-up will turn black - cut its pre-sanitized scissors and continue lubrication to extinction.

- At home, to grease warts also recommended the use of castor oil.

- Soak the onion in vinegar, leaving it there 02:00. Then strap it to the wart and leave it overnight. The next morning, remove the onions.

The procedure is repeated until full recovery.

- Finely or grate chalk Pique, sprinkle it over the wart and bandage ground. Let a poultice at night and in the morning removal. Repeat until recovery.

Be careful - the duration of treatment is not necessary to soak the wart.

- Apply juice of fresh green apples. This is best done layers, each time waiting for the previous coat is dry.

- Rasparte location of warts using hot water with dissolved soap and sodium bicarbonate. Carefully scrape the top layer of horny little education and dry. In place of the accumulation of putting a piece of raw potato and cover the floor plaster.

For additional fixation may use a compression bandage. For the passage of three or four hours, repeat the process from the beginning. After some time, the wart easily separated from the healthy tissue.

- If the wart has many roots outside, it can be derived using garlic. Prepare the cake by mixing crushed garlic paste of flour and a teaspoon of vinegar. The skin around the wart should be protected by means of adhesive tape.

Apply on top of the cooked cake again and cover with a plaster bandage tightly. Leave it means for two or three days. Thereafter, the wart should be removed with the cake.

At the opening of the skin, apply with a cotton Vishnevsky ointment.

Remember that before you get home for the independent treatment of warts, you should get expert advice. He said the diagnosis and rule out the possibility of malignancy.

In order to prevent formation of warts, sufficient attention should be given to sustain the normal functioning of the immune system, protection against injury and attempt to get rid of stress.