Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to remove Warts on Fingers at home

Tricks to stop the warts
How to remove Warts on Fingers at home
Besides the discomfort warts cause embarrassment to those who have. Thinking about it decide to write here some tricks so you can eliminate the warts with homemade and effective treatment.
Warts are a type of benign tumor that is usually caused by virus (HPV). Warts are most common in children and adolescents. His virus is transmitted and can be passed from one person to another
Before using any home procedure to remove the warts is necessary to make sure that it is even a wart and not another kind of disease. Therefore consult a doctor.

1 - treatment to eliminate the warts
Take an aspirin and dampen it. With a help of a contonete pass the pasty part of aspirin on the wart and cover with bandaid or surgical tape. We recommend using only 2 times a day to not irritate the skin.
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2 - How to remove Warts on Fingers at home
Banana peel
Take the bark of any banana, and pass her inside on the wart 4 times a day. Some people ensure that this procedure in a week it will disappear.

3 - Treatment for eliminating warts
green papaya peel milk
Get a good green papaya and make a risk or hole in it to come out a "milk." With a help of a contonete pass the wart until it is gone.

4 - Treatment for eliminating warts
onion juice
Take an onion, peel it and cut into pieces. Then knead or squeeze out a juice up that should be placed in the affected region. After a few days the wart will dry and fall.

5 - Treatment for eliminating warts
Oral antiseptic
That yes .... I confirmed it works.
Buy an anti - mouthwash you prefer alcohol-free and make cleaning the area 03 times a day. Warts fall within 15 days of treatment.

6 - How to stop warts with Christ's crown plant
Find someone who knows this plant, and have to pull a few leaves. She'll drop a milk, and you must pass this milk on the wart and cover it with a bandage or tape. In a few days you will be free of warts

7 - How to stop the warts using garlic
You can knead a well crushed garlic clove and put on the wart and cover with a tape or tape. The garlic will act as a bactericidal anti killing microorganisms that feed the wart How to remove Warts on Fingers at home.