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Treat warts at home, What are genital warts? What to put on warts to get rid of them

Treat warts at home, What are genital warts? What to put on warts to get rid of them  

He warts treatment at home? Yes, it is possible to successfully treat warts at home. Warts are benign tumors that affect the skin on various parts of his body. When the human pusillanimous breach the defenses of your body, which causes warts appear on it. This virus can spread through water and likely contracted the last time we went to the public pool tank. Scratches and cuts in the skin, helps to different strains of the virus to enter the skin. Warts are contagious? The human papilla virus can spread through direct contact, which can happen when using shoes or towel someone already infected with it. There are different types of warts can affect the face, hands or feet and look ugly. In the US, about 75% of the persons concerned, at least once in life. The total expenditure in the treatment of warts is in the range of US $ 125 million per year. Below, information about genital warts and home treatment, which may be useful warts.

What are genital warts?

Genital warts are flat or are caused by HPV infection is genital areas in the form of cauliflower. Symptoms of genital warts are itching and burning sensation in areas such as the cervix, penis, rectum, scrotum, vulva and vagina. The warts that appear on the anus area are referred to as anal warts. Genital warts are considered a sexually transmitted disease. These warts are also called Condillac culminate or venereal warts. These warts mainly affect people in their 20s and those who practice unprotected sex. These warts should be treated to further professional opinion or the use of the treatment of genital warts at home as soon as possible.

Home treatment of warts

There are different types of treatments available for the treatment of warts, such as burning, peeling, cutting, ice cream, injection or treating them with laser application. The use of these techniques in the removal of warts does not mean that you are free of warts for the rest of your life. Many of these warts are painful and are forced to leave scars. Warts are contagious and should be treated as soon as possible. Home treatment for warts can be successfully get rid of them.


Please note that the warts affects people with compromised immune systems. When the body returns to its normal immunity, fights infection and removes warts. To an outsider, it seems that the warts respond to a loose hand. It is estimated that approximately 40-50% of patients, possibly warts disappear on their own. It was found that the warts in children often spontaneously disappears. Please note that these are infectious and his decision is not treated, can put family members at risk of infection.

Vitamin Application

Wart removal may be achieved by application of vitamin A, fish oil derived directly from the infected cutaneous warts. Break open a capsule containing 25,000 IU of vitamin A. Natural Apply the contents in the infected area and gently rub the wart. Follow this simple genital warts home treatment once a day until healing. This treatment is also useful for the removal of plantar warts.

The application of vitamin E

In some cases, genital warts heal without treatment. However, it takes time. It depends on you if you are suffering because of it or use genital warts treatment available or home remedies to treat them. The removal of genital warts can be adjusted by applying vitamin E on the infected skin. It is also recommended to put a little 'crushed garlic on the infected area the wart and apply a bandage on it. Use this home remedy, you can get rid of the wart in a week.

The warts are not a life threatening disease. However, they are painful when they occur in places such as the hands and feet, which are in constant use. Whenever something rubs against them, causing pain. It is much better to try to forget the pain. I hope the above information on the treatment of warts at home is helpful.

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